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Our Mission

  • Help Investors Find Relevant Investment Reports Quickly

  • Build Tools That Help Self-Directed Investors

  • Support Good Research Analysts

  • Build Up Knowledge of Our Community

  • Widen Our Network

The Founders' Story

Valerie and Russell were colleagues at a boutique fund management firm involved in portfolio conceptualization, construction, and back-testing.


After they left the firm, they continue to learn about being better investors (a.k.a don't lose money) and at the same time worked on portfolio dashboards for investment advisors due to their fascination of technologies to filter through investment ideas and shortening learning curves. 


Hence, RAYFT was born. 

We asked our beta users for feedback and many tell us they want something to help them cut through the plethora of broker or research reports out there.


We Heard You Guys!


So we came up with a  «Rankings» tool for you, which you can use to read only from the best-rated analysts and Follow Them.

The Founders Bio

Valerie Law, CFA has been an investment analyst at a boutique fund and various banks such as Macquarie and HSBC. She is working on Rayft as a passion project due to feedback from students that she has mentored over the years.

Russell Hung was an investment analyst at a boutique fund involved in systematic portfolio construction. With expertise in VBA and process streamlining, he moved on to do automation projects at various banks. His team came in second runner-up at a J.P. Morgan internal robotics challenge. 

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