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Welcome To Rayft !

At Rayft, we love to help investors navigate the myriad of investment ideas out there and sift out the best for you. Hence, we designed the rankings feature so you can get to know which investment analysts can give you good stock calls based on recent history.

Rayft is your magnifying glass into stock calls.

Why did we start Rayft?

While there may be already tonnes of 'free' investment reports available online, many do not highlight the risks of their investment thesis nor follow-up with timely updates, especially after brokers or research houses terminate their stock coverage.

Secondly, with the wide array of reports by various brokers and financial websites, how do we know which ones to take action on? Driven by a curiosity to know which analysts provide the best stock calls, and a desire to read from the very best, the founders created Rayft rankings, to help amateur investors like ourselves to sift through tonnes of investment calls.

Why Read From the Best?

We all have limited time to find the best investment ideas. Instead of reading all the stock newsletters that come into your inbox, or 'free' reports from your brokers, why not start your investment journey by reading summaries from the best analysts or thought leaders?

How Do I Get Started?

Simply sign up for a free account and become a member, where you will be given access to certain research reports or stock summaries. Paid members will get to see the three, four and five-star analysts in our system, follow them, as well as receive alerts when they publish something new.

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